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Posted Jan 30, 2015

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smartCrutch Forearm Crutches
The smartCRUTCH "Forearm walking crutch" design incorporates all of the benefits of standard walking crutches while minimizing the compressive forces on the hands and wrists. It does this by allowing the user to adjust the angle of the forearm platform to reduce or increase the amount of weight load to the hands and wrists. Transferring this load to the forearm can reduce or potentially eliminate injuries commonly found with the use of standard under arm crutches or forearm crutches. smartCRUTCH also helps maintain proper posture, relieve stress and minimize fatigue, setting you up for a safe and speedy recovery. If you are ready to buy forearm walking crutches and want to experience a level of comfort not found with any other crutch then smartCRUTCH is the product for you.

smartCRUTCH forearm crutches are available in Medical, Sport, Limited and Base Series graphic options. smartCRUTCH is engineered with durable, lightweight materials and are ergonomically designed to suit most individuals for both short term and long term use. All of our crutches are aesthetically designed and covered by a full 14 day money back guarantee and hassle free return policy. We pride ourselves with superior customer service and our knowledgeable sales staff can certainly assist you in answering your questions about crutches and selecting the right product for you.